About Us

As The Dance Gallery moves into its 5th decade, we continue to mentor students through the beautiful discipline of dance. Dance education teaches more than dance technique as it also develops determination, teamwork, and self-confidence. Our motto of “Yes I Can” follows our dancers for the rest of their lives. There are many challenges that children experience: different schools, different teachers, and different peers, The Dance Gallery is a constant friend and refuge. We accept that honor and with it, we accept a great responsibility to provide our students with the best dance training and mentorship. We dance to age-appropriate music, and beautiful costumes with 2 major performances each year; “It’s A Dance Gallery Christmas” in December and the Major Production in June, plus special parties, workshops, and dance trips too! We invite you with open arms into our loving and accepting dance world.

“I will be forever grateful for the love, guidance, support, confidence, friendship, instruction, joy and family that The Dance Gallery has given my daughter. One of the best parenting decisions I have ever made for her was walking through your doors when she was three.”

Karla has been the owner and artistic director of THE DANCE GALLERY since it began in 1981 and has been teaching since 1970. She earned a BA Degree in Dance from Texas Tech University and earned the first education certificate issued from Texas Tech to teach dance in the public school systems. She is also certified to teach by Dance Masters of America. Karla has numerous credits, including TV’s Disco Minute and has trained thousands of dancers through the decades. Karla has been on staff with the Mike Miller & Associates, producers of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC and continually sends dancers to perform in this holiday tradition seen on NBC TV. Karla is also affiliated with Just For Kix, producers of bowl game half-time shows such as the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida. Karla’s latest friendship is with Dance The Magic, top producer of talent for the Disney Parks. The Dance Gallery students will perform in the Disneyland Christmas Parade on Christmas morning, seen on ABC TV. The Dance Gallery and Karla McNeill have been recognized numerous times for the Avalanche Journal’s “Best Dance School” and as the “Best Dance Teacher.”

Many former students have become accomplished performers and teachers because of Mrs. Karla’s training. Many of Karla’s dancers have been chosen to tour nationally with Dance Caravan and Dance Theatre USA conventions. Her students perform on high school, collegiate, and professional levels, such as with Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and the Disney Cruise Line. She has served as a choreographer for various church programs and maintains a Christian environment at The Dance Gallery. Karla’s philosophy is to train the whole child; starting with not only the physical aspect of dance but with the intelligence that is required to be successful. Teaching a student to listen, focus and set goals is accomplished with a strong school curriculum, decades of teaching and a faculty trained to mentor to young dancers. The Dance Gallery maintains a positive atmosphere which achieves positive results.

Dance Gallery students (gold costumes) were selected to lead Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Parade. The Dance Gallery regularly participates in Dance The Magic events in the Disney parks.