The Dance Gallery
41st Christmas Production
Christmas Production
For Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Dancers
5:00 pm Performance
Kinder: Mon. 4:30 Class
Kinder: Tues. 5:30 Class
Kinder: Wed. 4:00 Class
1st Grade: Mon. 4:30 Class
2nd Grade: Wed. 4:15 Class
3rd Grade: Mon. 4:30 Class
  7:00 pm Performance
Kinder: Wed. 5:45 Class
1st Grade: Mon. 5:45 Class
1st Grade: Tues. 4:15 Class
1st Grade: Wed. 6:15 Class
2nd Grade: Tues. 4:15 Class
3rd Grade: Tues. 5:15 Class

Performing at Both Performances 5:00 & 7:00 pm

4th Grade through 8th Grade Classes

With Special Performances by

Dance the Magic Dancers
The Dance Gallery Ballert Companies
Messengers Outreach Company
Darling Company

Starlet Company
Company Dance Gallery

41st Major Production

June 3-5, 2022

at Buddy Holly Hall
Buddy Holly Hall